“Florence embraces Nasrin Sotoudeh and calls for her release”

07 Sep

City of Florence Joined the international campaign of support Nasrin Sotoudeh after two years of inhuman imprisonment.

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Eugenio Giani and Susanna Agostini “Florence embraces Nasrin Sotoudeh and calls for her release”

This morning in Palazzo Vecchio, the President of the City Council Eugenio Giani and the President of the Commission for Peace and Human Rights, Susanna Agostini met with Mr.Soheil Parhizi, Director of IT and the campaign’s official website supporting lawyer Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh’s release campaign.

“We learned that while Nasrin Sotoudeh was recording a documentary in which she offered thanks to the city of Florence for the Giglio award that she had received all the material was confiscated and she was fined for this act.”

This news has increased the city’s efforts to reach someone close to Ms. Sotoudeh in order to deliver the awards recognizing her contribution to the protection and defense of human rights in Iran.

We have repeatedly attempted to contact friends of the family and political activists who could reach Ms. Sotoudeh’s husband, who is also forbidden from leaving Iran.

We will continue our commitment described in the proceedings to recognize the positive actions taken for the well-being of humanity by persons such as Nasrin Sotoudeh. These are people who continue to carry out this important work while often being in prisoners themselves as a result.

It is disheartening that the Iranian regime continues with such ferocity to persecute defenseless people guilty only of opposing the regime.

More than 2,000 activists, literary and cultural figures are currently imprisoned in Iran.

In supporting Nasrin Sotoudeh, the city of Florence supports the restoration of democracy and freedom of thought in Iran – said Eugenio Giani and Susanna Agostini. We send the strong embrace of our city to Ms. Sotoudeh. As representatives of municipality we call for her release.

Eugenio Giani and Susan Agostini commemorate Nasrin Stoudeh’s second year of imprisonment by joining the international campaign for her immediate release.

Iranian lawyer, Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to six years in prison and banned for 20 years thereafter from practicing her profession by the regime in Tehran for practicing her profession as a lawyer defending human rights, children, women and men who oppose them.

Among her most ardent supporters is Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi who received the “Seal of Peace” from Mayor Matteo Renzi on July 7, 2009.

Translation by “René M. Du Terroil”

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